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Business Coaching


Master your calendar. Give yourself the gift of time! Increase your profits. See a better return which results in a change in your afforded lifestyle. Set measurable goals and surpass them when working systematically with accountability. 

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Health Coaching



Undeniable results! Lose weight without suffering through strict diets. Improve energy. Feel revitalized, recover from burnout. Love your naked body. Improve physical  strength & performance. Love your body to life! 

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TLC Method to Detox



Perfect for anyone wanting to heal from an abusive, controlling, unhealthy relationship. If you are like other women, you may not understand yet just how bad it was.  It may take awhile to fully comprehend just how much of you was lost while in relationship with  a narcissist.

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Money Mindset Reset


 3 Session Series customized for you to uplevel your Money Mindset. Increase your net worth, shift your fears, formulate your money plan and have confidence in your finances! What is it costing you to NOT get this area transformed? Don't let it cost you any more loss. 

Quit Smoking


 Quit this time for good! Increase your energy, focus, and stamina. Improve skin quality, stop snoring, allow body to recover from smoke damage. Save $400+ /month to spend on YOU! Feel great! Taste food with more enjoyment. Smell with more dimension. Be your best YOU!

Deep-Dive Transformational Coaching

These sessions are 90 minutes in length and are designed to reprogram issues that are deeply imbedded from childhood experiences or painful life experiences. Can be individual session or a package of 3.

VIP Experience

This is for the individual who wants to create a LIFESTYLE makeover. You will be treated to Private Coaching for 3 days in Calgary, Alberta. Spa treatments. Nourishing and healthy food. Relaxing setting in high end hotel. **Prices can vary depending on fluctuating rates of service industry. Contact me for a quote and to check availability.

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