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What DO I want my life to be?

Don't know what you want for yourself?


I am good at making choices and at creating the life that I want, but I didn't always know what I wanted. Only a few short years ago I was hiding behind blaming others for not allowing me to make my own choices. I blamed my career for not allowing me the flexibility or the time that I wanted for my own interests. I blamed my bank account for not having the resources that I needed to pursue my dreams. I blamed my spouse for controlling my life.  I blamed my body for being too tired and too weak to take on new adventures. I even hid behind the responsibility that I felt towards my own children as an excuse for not creating the life I truly wanted right now... I was constantly putting myself and my own needs behind everyone else. Sound familiar?

Lifestyle Makeover


Eventually my whole "blame game" blew up in my face! My life fell apart. I needed to begin again and take responsibility for me! I hired a life coach and I have undergone a LIFESTYLE makeover! I cleared out the excuses, the blame, the fear, the toxic relationships, the toxic lifestyle choices. I have created a new life full of CLARITY, LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, FUN, FREEDOM, ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, ABUNDANCE!

Transformational Coaching


After learning how to create transformation in my own life, it would feel wrong to keep it to myself. I trained and became a Health Coach, Life Coach and received my Mastery Level in Transformational Coaching. I am now an expert at creating transformation! My methods are highly immersed in neuro-linguistic programming (using brain science in a practical way to help retrain our brain for success in any area). It is easy, it is fun AND it works! Check out some of my Coaching Programs to get an idea of what is possible.

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I am here to be of service... My whole life has been transformed and I want to share the success of that with you too! Through being coached I have become more confident than I ever could have imagined. I have become strong in my convictions of what I want my life to be.  I would love to bring that same confidence and strength to you! Check out this quick video welcoming you to my site, and book a Strategy Session with me today. Don't put it off! You deserve to have everything you want NOW!